About Beaconstar

Beaconstar was started in 2003 by two partners with extensive background in the printing industry. The main focus of Beaconstar has always been simple - to provide savings on printing for our U.S. customers by printing them overseas in China.

Over the many years of sourcing in China, Beaconstar has established several overseas offices in order to provide a higher degree of control over quality and pricing. As of today, we have offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, each performing tasks relevant to the needs of our U.S. customers.

With on-the-ground operations and years of experience, Beaconstar has grown into a multi-faceted sourcing company. Today, with the wider variety of different demands from our customer base, we no longer only specialize in printing. Although printing is still a major part of our core competencies, today's Beaconstar have established other specializations by acquiring existing talents on both the sourcing and customer service fronts and investing in related services that compliments our mainstream offerings.