Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are many web sites that provide direct sourcing service, such as Alibaba, why should I work with Beaconstar?
The answer is simple. Accountability. If you are going to be accountable for your job, you'll need a supplier who's also accountable for his work. It has been estimated that over 80% of the suppliers listed on sites such as Alibaba are not who they claim to be. And there have been many instances where foreign buyers have been scammed. Despite the best intentions of a few, there are just more scammers out there.
How can Beaconstar be better than buying directly from China?
We are a U.S. company with our own operations in China. We have our legal team, QC team, sourcing team, and operations team working under a domestic Chinese company. Our contracts with the native Chinese factories are legally binding on their domestic terms. This is something that no foreign buyer will be able to achieve; international commercial law and courts are just not there to protect overseas buyers. When anybody has such a presence in China, along with a continuous and strong purchasing power, you usually get Chinese factories on their best behaviors. In addition, our supply chain management techniques have been built and rebuilt over the many years we've been in China, we can achieve a very high efficiency in managing different factories for different products. If your job requires multiple sources and components, Beaconstar would be your best bet.
What are the other benefits of working with Beaconstar?
Compliance. Whether the products you are importing needs to meet certain safety standards on both consumer and U.S. Customs level, we are able to offer a complete solution to meet the designated criterion from the get-go. This is very important as each step of the manufacturing, exporting, and importing process will require different measures to be implemented. While trying to coordinate all the different aspects involved in full compliance on your own could theoretically be done, it will take lots of trial-and-error and time. We have the experience and know-how of getting an order manufactured and imported into the U.S. with full compliance.